Board of Directors

There are 15 seats on ASRC’s Board of Directors:

  • Seven seats, with one seat for a shareholder resident from each of the following Villages:
    Wainwright, Point Lay, Point Hope, Nuiqsut, Anaktuvuk Pass, Atqasuk and Kaktovik
  • Five seats for shareholders who are residents of Barrow, and
  • Three “At Large” seats that may be held by any shareholder, regardless of residence

Directors serve for staggered, three-year terms, or until their successors are elected, qualified and seated.
A class of five directors is typically elected each year.

Rex Kakianaaq Rock, Sr.

Rex A. Rock Sr.

President & CEO
Pt. Hope

Rex Kakianaaq Rock Sr.

President & CEO, Pt. Hope, Alaska

Rex Allen Rock Sr. has been president and chief executive officer of Arctic Slope Regional Corporation since early July of 2010, and oversees all aspects of ASRC’s business operations. In this role, he helps to foster a productive relationship with the board of directors and the corporation’s approximately 11,000 Iñupiat shareholders.

Rock has served on the ASRC board of directors since 1993. His board service includes work on various committees, to include: Executive, Audit, 401(k) Trustees, Shareholder Hire, Compensation, Investment and Heirship. He was elected to the position of chairman of the board in 2004, following his service as vice-chairman and 1st vice-president. Rock previously served as president and CEO of Tikigaq Corporation, and was responsible for the overall strategic guidance and vision for the village corporation. Under his leadership, the corporation started an educational scholarship program for youth that assists current as well as future generations. He continues to be on Tikigaq’s board, maintaining ties to his community of Point Hope. He also sits on the North Slope Borough Assembly, St. Thomas Episcopal Church Council, Local School Advisory Council and Alaska Eskimo Whaling Commission.

Rock served in many capacities for his hometown, including as whaling captain and head coach for the Tikigaq High School boys’ varsity basketball team – a position he held for more than 20 years. During that time, his team won two state championships. He was elected Coach of the Year numerous times by his peers, most currently in 2009 for his tireless dedication to Point Hope’s basketball program. A graduate of Tikigaq High School, Rock went on to attend college at the University of Alaska Fairbanks where he double majored in engineering and linguistics. Grounded in his Christian faith, Rock is honored to have married his best friend Ramona 30 years ago. They have four children together, and are blessed with two grandchildren.

Crawford Patkotak



Crawford Ahkivgak Patkotak

Chairman, Barrow, Alaska

Serves as ASRC Corporate Treasurer, Senior Vice President of Shareholder and Community Programs; ASRC Executive Committee 2000-Present; Current Board President of Eskimo's, Inc.; ASRC Vice President Shareholder Development & Treasury Operations 2005-2007; ASRC 2nd Vice Chair 2000-2004; ASRC Investment Committee 2003-2006, 2008-Present; Arctic Education Foundation Board Member 2006-Present; Petro Star, Inc. Board Member 1999-2005

Barrow Utilities Electric Cooperative Inc., Board of Director 1997-Present; Elected as a Board Member of the Barrow Whaling Captains Association; Served a a Council member for the City of Barrow, Board of Trustee for Ilisagvik College.

George Sielak


Vice Chairman

George Sielak

Vice Chairman, Nuiqsut, Alaska

Serves as 2nd Vice President for the ASRC Board; Chairman of the ASRC Audit Committee; ASRC Executive Board Member; Sits on the ASRC Ethics Committee; Chairman of the Arctic Education Foundation Board; ASRC Energy Services Board Member; Served on the ASRC Heirship in 2003

ASRC Energy Services Field Liaison 2007-Present; North Slope Borough Public Works Services Supervisor 2002-2007; Previously worked as a Heavy Equipment Operator Foreman, Road Upgrade Foreman, and an Ice Road Foreman; Current Board Member of Kuukpik Corporation.

Ida Olemaun


1st Vice President

Ida Uuminaq Olemaun

1st Vice President, Barrow, Alaska

Serves on the ASRC Ethics Committee, the ASRC Audit Committee, and the ASRC Shareholder Hire Committee Arctic Slope Native Association, Human Resources Generalist 1998-2006,

Elected to and served on the North Slope Borough School District Board of Directors as it s President; Current Session Member of the Utqiagvik Presbyterian Church; Former Utqiagvik Presbyterian Church Trustee and Sunday School Teacher; North Slope Borough School District Bilingual teacher; Deputy Director and Director of the North Slope Borough Health Department.

Paul Bodfish, Sr.

Paul Bodfish, Sr.

2nd Vice President

Paul Bodfish, Sr.

2nd Vice President, Atqasuk, Alaska

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Thomas Nukapigak


3rd Vice President
Pt. Lay


3rd Vice President, Point Lay, Alaska

First elected to ASRC Board in 2009-Present Native Village of Point Lay Vice President 2009-Present; Point Lay Construction Carpenter/SKW 2007-2008; SKW/Eskimos Inc., Construction Carpenter Foreman 2006-2007

Patsy Aamodt



Patsy Pausan Aamodt

Treasurer, Barrow, Alaska

Previously served as Corporate Treasurer and Corporate Secretary

Education: University of Alaska Fairbanks - Bachelor of Arts Teaching; Master of Arts Public School Administration

Harvard Graduate School of Education - Certificate of Advance Study in Administration, Planning and Social Policy

Served as Board Member and Vice-Chair for the Boys and Girls Club Alaska Statewide Expansion.

Mary Ellen Ahmaogak


Corporate Secretary

Mary Ellen Qariuluk Ahmaogak

Corporate Secretary, Wainwright, Alaska

Presiding ASRC Corporate Secretary; Director of Community Development, ASRC Shareholder & Community Program; ASRC Executive Committee 1999-2006, 2008 – Present; ASRC Ethics Committee 2006-2010; ASRC Audit Committee 2006-2007; ASRC Investment Committee 2006-2007; ASRC 401(k) Trustee 1998-2007; ASRC Heirship Committee 1997-2003; Tundra Tours Inc. Board Member 2005-Present; SKW/Eskimos Inc. Board Member 2005; Arctic Education Foundation Board Member 2006-2010


Jacob Adams



Jacob Anagi Adams Sr.

ASRC Board of Director, Barrow

Current Chairman of the ASRC Board of Directors; ASRC Compensation Committee 2008-Present; ASRC Investment Committee Chair 2008-Present; Petro Star Inc. Board Member 2004-Present; Arctic Education Foundation Board Member 2007-Present; ASRC President & CEO 1983-2006; ASRC Executive Committee 1972-2007; ASRC 401(k) Trustees Chair 1985-2006; Former ASRC Vice President of Lands

Current Member of the Barrow Whaling Captains Association; Volunteer for the Barrow, Alaska Search & Rescue; Barrow City Council Member 1967; Elected to the first assembly when the North Slope Borough was incorporated in 1972; Elected President of the North Slope Borough Assembly 1978; Appointed North Slope Borough Mayor succeeding the Late Eben Hopson Sr. 1978; Chairman of the Alaska Eskimo Whaling Commission 1977-1980.

Eugene Brower



Eugene Aalak Brower

ASRC Board of Director, Barrow, Alaska

Member of the ASRC Investment Committee; ASRC Ethics Committee; ASRC Shareholder Hire Committee; ASRC Compensation Committee

Education: University of Alaska Fairbanks – Certificate of Municipal Science

Member of the Barrow, Alaska Search and Rescue Team; President of the North Slope Borough Assembly; President of the Barrow Whaling Captains Association; Retired as Fire Chief from the North Slope Borough Fire Department in 2005.

Glen Edwin Solomon 

Glen Edwin Solomon


Glen Edwin Solomon

Director, Kaktovik, Alaska

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Vera May Woods


Anaktuvuk Pass

Vera May Woods

ASRC Board of Director, Anaktuvuk Pass, Alaska

Bio coming soon

Richard Glenn



Richard Savik Glenn

ASRC Board of Director, At- Large

Executive Vice President of Lands & Natural Resources, ASRC

Education: San Jose State University – Bachelor of Science Geology

University of Alaska Fairbanks – Master of Science Geology

Twice appointed by the President to serve on the United States Arctic Research Commission; Board President for the Barrow Arctic Science Consortium

Jeff C. Kinneeveauk

Jeff C. Kinneeveauk


Jeff C. Kinneeveauk


Jeff’s Kinneeveauk’s background includes extensive
leadership experience spanning all levels of the Corporation
and a dedication to driving a culture of accountability.
Throughout his tenure as CEO of ASRC Energy Services, he
implemented a team approach to drive organizational
improvements and implementation of best practices.

Mr. Kinneeveauk was president and CEO of ASRC Energy
Services until August 2016.

His professional experience includes serving as senior vice
president of operations and maintenance and senior vice
president of shareholder programs for AES. His global
operations and national experience includes oversight
and management of construction of a USAID office
building in Nairobi, Kenya, project management for an
exploration drilling project, and management of subsidiary
offices in Washington, D.C.

During his 20 years of service to AES, Mr. Kinneeveauk has
set an example of operating with integrity and adhering
to the cultural values of the Iñupiat people. He
is dedicated to community service and currently
serves as Chairman of the Board at the Alaska Native
Heritage Center and on the board of The
Foraker Group.

Mr. Kinneeveauk holds a bachelor’s degree in physics with an
emphasis in engineering from Northwest Nazarene University.

Rodney Steven Pederson

Rodney S. Pederson


Rodney Steven Pederson

ASRC Board of Director, At-Large, Alaska

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