Point Lay


Point Lay is located on the Chukchi Sea coast, protected from the ocean by the Kasugaluk Lagoon. It is 152 miles southwest of Barrow. Kali, the Iñupiat name for the village, means "mound" and refers to the elevated mound on which it stands. It is probably the last remaining village of the Kuukpaagruk people. The Kalimiut traditionally hunt beluga whales and is similar to the Bowhead whaling culture in other North Slope villages. After 72 years the village of Pt. Lay was able to celebrate the successful harvest of a bowhead whale. In 2009 Atkaan Crew, captained by Julius Rexford shared this harvest with the community during Nalukataq, which marks the end of a successful spring whaling season.

The Cully Corporation is the Village Corporation established pursuant to the Alaska Native Claims Act of 1971. The Cully Corporation owns approximately 90,000 acres of surface lands in and around the community. Pt. Lay lies within close proximity of the Northern Alaska Coal Province, which is believed to contain one-ninth of the world’s known coal reserves, and one-third of the U.S. reserves.

For recreation, residents enjoy snowmobiling, hunting, fishing and trapping, native arts and crafts.


Cully Corporation
P.O. Box 59089
Point Lay, AK 99759,
Phone 907-833-2705
Fax 907-833-2715

Point Lay Tribal Council / ICAS Liason
P.O. Box 59031
Point Lay, AK 99579
Phone 907-833-2575
Fax 907-833-2576

PO BOX 129 BARROW AK 99723 (907) 852-8633