ASRC has been engaged in evaluating its coal resources in the Western Arctic since the late 1980’s. More recently, ASRC entered into an agreement with a development company to assist ASRC in further evaluation of the coal resource potential and development options. After three years of exploration ASRC and its partner were able to confirm the volume and quality of coal was world class. ASRC seeks a development company to explore and develop its coal deposits located on its lands in the western Arctic.

The World’s Coal Storehouse

Four trillion tons of high quality bituminous and subbitumious coal -- one-ninth of the world's known coal resource and one-third of the U.S. resource – are estimated to lie within the Northern Alaska Coal Province, a broad belt extending 300 miles eastwards from the Chukchi Sea. Alaska's North Slope could be the world's coal storehouse for the next century.

2 Billion Tons

Approximately 2 billion tons of high rank bituminous coal resource have been identified in the Western Arctic. To date, we have concentrated our studies on a single coal deposit in this region. The initial deposit identified for potential development is located only six miles from tidewater on the Chukchi Sea. Through continued reserve drilling we have delineated more than 100 million tons of coal reserves for mining. We estimate that through continued drilling and additional 50 to 100 million tons will become proven for this one deposit.

Premium Quality

Western Arctic Coal is of premium quality ultra-low sulfur coal with an average of 0.23% sulfur, 3% moisture, 7% ash and has a heating value in excess of 12,000 BTU/lb. Under current environmental air quality regulations our coal provides an environmentally friendly alternative to coals presently utilized for power generation. Utilization of Western Arctic Coal for blending during combustion can effectively reduce SO2 emissions thereby reducing potential future penalties as Pacific Rim countries move into stricter environmental regulatory enforcement. Today, ASRC is engaged in an aggressive program to determine economic feasibility of Western Arctic Coal. Early results are extremely encouraging, as Western Arctic Coal represents a feasible alternative for supplying large volumes of clean burning coal to world markets.

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