ASRC has now received the majority of the lands it is entitled to under the provisions of the settlement act. ASRC is now one of the state's largest private landowners, holding title to nearly 5 million acres of Alaska's North Slope. Most of these lands are highly prospective for oil and gas, coal and base metal sulfides. Some of the lands contain known resource reserves such as the Alpine Oil Field and the Western Arctic Coalfields.

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Acquiring Lands

In addition to the lands already conveyed, ASRC has selections that cover other North Slope lands that are highly prospective. From the selected lands ASRC will eventually identify and take title to one-quarter million acres.

ASRC may also acquire additional, previously unavailable lands through exchange with the United States. The National Petroleum Reserve-Alaska / (NPR-A) is an area that holds special interest to ASRC because many shareholders occupy Native allotments and cabin sites in the area and rely extensively on the region's subsistence resources. By acquiring lands in NPR-A, through exchange, ASRC seeks to protect its shareholder's land use interests and at the same time acquire lands that may have valuable resource potential.

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