ASRC Board Members Endorse Dan Sullivan For U.S. Senate

Members of the Arctic Slope Regional Corporation board of directors have taken the unique step of endorsing a candidate for U.S. Senate, making their choice of Dan Sullivan known after a regularly-scheduled meeting in Barrow. Sullivan’s military experience, responsible energy development record, his history of working with the North Slope on issues ranging from justice to energy, diplomacy at the U.S. State Department, his stance against domestic violence, the importance he personally places on education and his commitment to Alaska make him a strong and favorable candidate for U.S. Senate.

“It is a rare move for our board members,” said Crawford Patkotak, ASRC board chairman. “We concluded that we believe in U.S. Senate candidate Dan Sullivan and his ability to effectively engage all sectors of the Alaskan community to positively move Alaska forward.”

“Dan Sullivan proved his effectiveness and willingness to fight during his time as Alaska’s attorney general and Department of Natural Resources commissioner,” added Rex A. Rock Sr., ASRC president and CEO. “His leadership qualities and priorities are values that are aligned with ours as an organization, and he’ll be getting my vote come August.”

Sullivan is one of 11 candidates from Alaska running for U.S. Senate in 2014. He’ll face 3 other Republicans in the August 19th primary.​

About ASRC

Arctic Slope Regional Corporation is owned by and represents the business interests of the Arctic Slope Iñupiat. Since opening enrollment in 1989 to Alaska Natives born after 1971, the corporation’s shareholder base has nearly tripled, growing from the 3,700 original enrollees to around 13,000 today. Corporate headquarters are based in Utqiaġvik (Barrow), Alaska, with administrative and subsidiary offices located in Anchorage and throughout the United States. ASRC, along with its family of companies, is the largest Alaskan-owned company, employing approximately 12,000 people worldwide. The company has six major business segments: petroleum refining and marketing, energy support services, industrial services, construction, government services and resource development.

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