ASRC Congratulates Quintillion on Successful Completion of Subsea Fiber Optic Cable System


ASRC is reacting to the announcement that the Alaska portion of the international Quintillion Subsea Cable System has been successfully installed. The system will provide high-speed internet to many communities on Alaska’s North Slope for the first time. In 2015, ASRC made a significant investment in Quintillion Holdings, LLC and holds a minority interest in the Anchorage-based telecommunications company.

"This is a major milestone for our region," said Rex A. Rock Sr., ASRC president and CEO. "As we said at the time we made our original investment, broadband on the North Slope allows our communities to live up to their potential. I look forward to the system coming online later this year and want to thank Quintillion for its hard work in making this happen."

The 1,400 mile network includes a subsea line from Prudhoe Bay to Nome, with branching lines to Utqiaġvik (Barrow), Wainwright, Point Hope, and Kotzebue. While a majority of the installation happened last year, crews were back at work this summer installing the last bit of cable and strengthening the system.

About ASRC

Arctic Slope Regional Corporation is owned by and represents the business interests of the Arctic Slope Iñupiat. Since opening enrollment in 1989 to Alaska Natives born after 1971, the corporation’s shareholder base has nearly tripled, growing from the 3,700 original enrollees to around 13,000 today. Corporate headquarters are based in Utqiaġvik (Barrow), Alaska, with administrative and subsidiary offices located in Anchorage and throughout the United States. ASRC, along with its family of companies, is the largest Alaskan-owned company, employing approximately 12,000 people worldwide. The company has six major business segments: petroleum refining and marketing, energy support services, industrial services, construction, government services and resource development.

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