Ramboll Environ and Arctic Slope Regional Corporation Announce Agreement to Collaborate

Tromsø, Norway/January 30, 2017 – During a signing ceremony last week at the Arctic Frontiers Conference in Tromsø, Norway, Ramboll Environ and Arctic Slope Regional Corporation (ASRC) announced an agreement to seek and evaluate opportunities to work together to provide value-added solutions to clients. Facilitated by the Arctic Economic Council, this agreement is founded upon a shared vision of collaboration that leverages the organizations’ complementary strengths and conveys a commitment to sustainable development in Arctic regions and around the world.
An Alaska Native-owned and operated corporation with approximately 12,000 employees worldwide, ASRC has been the largest locally owned and operated business in Alaska for the past 22 years. 75 percent of ASRC’s senior executives are Iñupiaq, including the company’s president and chief executive officer. ASRC operates six diverse lines of business—energy support services, petroleum refining and marketing, government services, industrial services, construction and resource development—which complement Ramboll Environ’s service offerings.
"Since its start, ASRC has been guided by Iñupiaq values in actively managing its businesses, lands, resources and business relationships," said Rex A. Rock Sr., ASRC president and CEO. "We are delighted to have found a collaboration partner whose core values and commitment to sustainability resonate so closely with our own. We look forward to working together with Ramboll Environ."
A leading global environmental and health sciences consulting firm, Ramboll Environ brings to the collaboration a diverse suite of services, including environmental, renewable energy, health and safety, Arctic sustainable development, health sciences, climate change management, regulatory compliance assistance, due diligence, remedial design and engineering, impact assessment, ecology and sediment management, and risk and exposure assessment and management.
Ramboll Environ’s parent company, Ramboll, is the leading Arctic consultant with 30 years of proven experience in the pan-Arctic region. Nils Arne Johnsen, Arctic Director for the Ramboll Group, said, "We have more than 400 experts across 21 offices who bring unparalleled knowledge of the area’s sensitive natural environment, societal considerations and special working conditions. We are thrilled that our US colleagues are adding to our longstanding heritage, bringing their expertise and experience to this critically important region."
"The Arctic is experiencing unprecedented interest from international companies looking to extract minerals, gems and oil, which is fuelling the economic and social development of countries straddling the region," said Frank Marrazza, President of Ramboll Environ’s Americas Division. "Our agreement with ASRC is an exciting enhancement to Ramboll’s longstanding experience in the Arctic and reflects the firm’s commitment to delivering environmentally and socially responsible outcomes that create enduring benefits for our clients and Arctic communities."

About ASRC

Arctic Slope Regional Corporation is owned by and represents the business interests of the Arctic Slope Iñupiat. Since opening enrollment in 1989 to Alaska Natives born after 1971, the corporation’s shareholder base has nearly tripled, growing from the 3,700 original enrollees to around 13,000 today. Corporate headquarters are based in Utqiaġvik (Barrow), Alaska, with administrative and subsidiary offices located in Anchorage and throughout the United States. ASRC, along with its family of companies, is the largest Alaskan-owned company, employing approximately 12,000 people worldwide. The company has six major business segments: petroleum refining and marketing, energy support services, industrial services, construction, government services and resource development.

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