At ASRC, our Iñupiaq and business values are critical elements of our continued success. For more than four decades, our board of directors as well as senior leadership team has adhered to cultural values that guide ASRC to reach its fullest potential.

Board of Directors

There are 15 seats on ASRC’s board of directors, with directors serving for staggered, three-year terms. A class of five directors is typically elected each year.

  • Seven seats, with one seat for a shareholder resident from each of the following villages: Wainwright, Point Lay, Point Hope, Nuiqsut, Anaktuvuk Pass, Atqasuk and Kaktovik
  • Five seats for shareholders who are residents of Utqiaġvik, and
  • Three “At Large” seats that may be held by any shareholder, regardless of residence

Rex A. Rock Sr.

President and CEO, Point Hope

Crawford Patkotak

Chairman, Utqiaġvik

Paul Bodfish Sr.

Vice Chairman, Atqasuk

Avaiyak Burnell

1st Vice President, Utqiaġvik

Glen Edwin Solomon

2nd Vice President, Kaktovik

Julius M. Rexford

3rd Vice President, Point Lay

Patsy Aamodt

Treasurer, At-Large

Mary Ellen Ahmaogak

Corporate Secretary, At-Large

Jacob Adams Sr.

Director, Utqiaġvik

Oliver Leavitt

Director, Utqiaġvik

John Hopson Jr.

1st Vice President, Wainwright

Jeff C. Kinneeveauk

Director, At-Large

Ida Olemaun

Director, Utqiaġvik

Thomas Kupa Napageak Jr.

Director, Nuiqsut

Lillian S. Stone

Director, Anaktuvuk Pass

Executive Management

As a corporation, we strive for:

  • Our shareholders realizing a superior return on corporate investment.
  • Our partners and clients benefiting from our relationships.
  • Our communities, and those in which we operate, realizing significant socio-economic development.

Rex A. Rock Sr.

President and CEO

Richard Glenn

Executive VP, External Affairs

Butch Lincoln

Executive VP, Chief Operating Officer

Charlie Kozak

Executive VP, Chief Financial Officer

Crawford Patkotak

Executive VP, Stakeholder Engagement

Matt Waldron

Executive VP, General Counsel

Sam Hill

Senior VP, Human Resources

Brady Strahl

VP, Operations

Mary Ellen Ahmaogak

Corporate Secretary, Wainwright