Industrial Services

ASRC Industrial Services (AIS), founded in 2016, was created as a platform to grow ASRC’s Industrial Services offerings and ultimately deliver meaningful returns to ASRC’s shareholders.

AIS is based in Concord, California and is comprised of three operating groups:

  • Construction, Maintenance & Repair Services
  • Remediation and Response Services
  • Environmental Engineering & Professional Services

ASRC Industrial Services is a people-oriented organization of complementary yet diverse services, focusing on the industrial end-use customers nationwide. AIS’ goal is to bring cost effective, quality, safe and innovative services to the industrial, commercial and government customers.

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Our Companies
  • AES Omega, LLC
  • DACA Specialty Services
  • D2 Industrial Services
  • F.D. Thomas, Inc.
  • Finite Holdings, LLC
  • Hudspeth
  • Mavo Systems
  • Petrochem Insulation, Inc.
  • RSI Entech, LLC
  • US Coatings
  • National Environmental Group
  • Niles Construction Services, Inc.
  • Brad Cole Construction
  • K2 Industrial Services
  • D. Zelinsky & Sons, Inc.