Shareholder Spotlights

Jeff C. Kinneeveauk

Jeff’s Kinneeveauk’s background includes extensive leadership experience spanning all levels of the Corporation and a dedication to driving a culture of accountability.

Mr. Kinneeveauk was president and CEO of ASRC Energy Services until August 2016. Throughout his tenure as CEO of ASRC Energy Services, he implemented a team approach to drive organizational improvements and implementation of best practices.

His professional experience includes serving as senior vice president of operations and maintenance and senior vice president of shareholder programs for AES. His global operations and national experience includes oversight and management of construction of a USAID office building in Nairobi, Kenya, project management for an exploration drilling project, and management of subsidiary offices in Washington, D.C.

During his 20 years of service to AES, Mr. Kinneeveauk has set an example of operating with integrity and adhering to the cultural values of the Iñupiat people. He is dedicated to community service and currently serves as Chairman of the Board at the Alaska Native Heritage Center and on the board of The Foraker Group.

Mr. Kinneeveauk holds a bachelor’s degree in physics with an emphasis in engineering from Northwest Nazarene University.