Petroleum Refining & Marketing

Petro Star Inc. is the only Alaskan-owned refining and fuel marketing operation in the state. Two refineries, strategically positioned along the Trans-Alaska Pipeline, serve Alaska’s unique fuel needs throughout Interior Alaska, Southcentral Alaska, Kodiak and Dutch Harbor.

Petro Star was formed in 1984 to fill a unique role in Alaska’s petroleum market providing mid-end distillates such as heating oil, diesel and aviation fuels for homes and businesses. The North Pole Refinery produces commercial and military jet fuel, supplies the mining industry and local electrical co-operative and provides home heating oil to the Interior. The Valdez refinery produces and transports ultra-low sulfur diesel (ULSD) throughout the State, including to the oil-producing fields on the North Slope, as well as provides marine fuels to coastal communities.

Petro Star’s success is largely driven by its ability to serve a targeted market with an extremely efficient operation. In addition to its two refineries, Petro Star has expanded its distribution through marine terminals located in Unalaska, St. Paul, Kodiak, Anchorage and Valdez. By 2020, Petro Star will commission two rail terminals connected by the Alaska Railroad between Anchorage and Fairbanks. Petro Star’s mission is clear: To deliver quality fuel and superior service when and where our customers need them.

Other Brands
  • North Pacific Fuel
  • Sourdough Fuel