Lands Access

Commercial and private recreational activities are not allowed on ASRC lands, including but not limited to guided hunting, sport hunting, fishing and videography/photography. However, ASRC lands are open for subsistence activities for shareholders and other qualified subsistence users that are residents of the Native communities of the North Slope. Entry permits are not required for such use.

Within ASRC lands in the central and western Arctic are a number of gravel airstrips that are closed to public access. Entry on the following airstrips requires the written consent of ASRC:

  • KILLIK Airstrip is located just north of Kikiktat Mountain: 68°27’15″N 154°17’43″W
  • TIGLIKPUK Airstrip is located just west of the Anaktuvuk River about 20 miles north of Anaktuvuk Pass: 68°25’25″N 151°27’26″W
  • TULUGAK Airstrip is located immediately west of the Anaktuvuk River about 60 miles north of Anaktuvuk Pass: 68°59’36″N 151°11’42″W
  • AKULIK Airstrip located in the Amatusuk Hills about 10 miles east of Cape Beaufort: 69°00’02″N 163°26’33″W
  • EAGLE CREEK Airstrip is located along Eagle Creek about 8 miles southeast of Igloo Mountain: 68°40’46″N 162°39’13″W

These airstrips are subject to periodic surveillance by ASRC and its agents. Trespassers will be prosecuted. In addition, anyone creating or using unapproved airstrips on ASRC property will be prosecuted to the fullest extent of the law. Area users should also be aware that there are ASRC lands immediately east of the Ivotuk Airstrip (Ivotuk Hills Map) that include the pad, road and drill site. Access to these lands requires permission from ASRC.





Certain 17(b) easements are reserved for the public in various locations on ASRC lands. These easements are owned by ASRC and are reserved for public use for limited specific purposes. These easements are reserved to allow access to lakes by floatplane, temporary overnight camping (not to exceed 24 hours) at specific 1 acre sites near the lake shores, and to allow for trail access to adjacent public lands. Sport hunting and fishing are never allowed on these easements. Nunamiut Corporation and ASRC lands within Gates of the Arctic National Park in the general vicinity of the village Anaktuvuk Pass are subject to limited nonlinear easements by agreement with the Park Service. Easements provide for pedestrian and dog team access, overnight camping, and nonlinear rights to access federally owned lands within Gates of the Arctic National Park across Nunamiut or ASRC lands. These nonlinear easements do not apply to Native allotments, which are privately owned and require owner access permission. Any deviation from easement stipulations will be considered trespass and is criminally punishable under Alaska Statute 11.46.330


Check land status or contact ASRC if you are planning a float trip on any of the following rivers, as they cross ASRC or village corporation lands:

Each of these waterways have unique circumstances or restrictions that must be followed to prevent trespass.

State of Alaska Permit Hunts

The State of Alaska offers a number of permit hunts on the North Slope. ASRC lands within any of these permit hunt areas are not open for hunting by permit winners who are not residents of a North Slope community.

State of Alaska Guide Use Areas

Hunting guides and transports should familiarize themselves with the “Alaska Native Claims” lands shown on the Guide Use Area Map for Northern Alaska available on the Big Game Commercial Services Board website.